Dead Snake

Dear Flash,

I am so impressed that you have paid attention to the fact that I am trying to live a greener lifestyle and that I am trying to repurpose the used things in my life.  I love it that you watchAmerican Pickerswith me every week.  But you still cannot bring the bloated snake carcass you found by the river into my car so you can put it in your bed to roll in it later.

Love, Nina


2 thoughts on “Dead Snake

  1. So good, haha. When we went camping last summer, my buddy’s dog rolled in roadkill. Why do they do this? Why?! And then he wondered why he couldn’t sleep in the tent.

    • I know, right? I think Flash rolled in his first snake when he was two months old, the day after he pooped in a church. ‘Course that was when he was still small enough that I could lift his sorry butt into the bathtub.

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