Go Broncos

Dear Flash,

You’re a little early, buddy.  Even though Boise State fans never tire of rooting for the Broncos, football season doesn’t start for another month.

Love, Nina



7 thoughts on “Go Broncos

  1. Dear Flash,

    Now let me get this straight… is that;
    Soccer Football…
    Rugby Football
    Rugby League Football

    …or that funny game where they all dress up in tight pants, shoulder pads (like that is soooo 80s…) crash helmets, and then all run around in opposite directions, envoking the name of Jabba the Hutt?

    Ambassador Schonheit

    • Dear Ambassador Schonheit,
      Just read ‘Dear Flash’ in it’s entirety. My favorite is Dinasour in the Day Lillies. There were many which made me laugh. (Not insignificant today,)
      Thank you,
      Rebecca, (a new fan)

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