Cleanliness is Next to Dogliness

Dear Flash,

Close but no banana.  True, the river is wet.  But although it looks clean, it carries a multitude of dirt and sand.  Not to mention fish, ducks, and related waste products.  And there is definitely no soap there.  Consider yourself informed that wading into the river up to your knees does not count as a bath.

Love, NinaImage


9 thoughts on “Cleanliness is Next to Dogliness

  1. Dear Flash,

    Swimming in rivers is fun… actually swimming in the ocean surf is also fun…

    …getting a shower in the big bathroom shower box is not fun, in fact the bathroom is not somewhere that I will willingly go, unless it is to get a quick drink from the toilet… but only when my human is not in there, with a stack of old towels, and dog shampoo…

    Ambassador Schonheit

      • Ambassador,

        She doesn’t play fair. First, she closes all the doors to the other rooms. Then, she lays a trail of bacon into the tiny room with the shower. It takes me forever to dry because of my undercoat, and she makes me stay outside because I roll on the rugs in the house.


        PS. Yep, it’s hot here. It usually is in July and August. Boise sits right between the mountains and the desert.

  2. I loved your post. I am a big dog lover and have two dogs of my own, Zeus and Lucky and of course, both of them despise baths! They are so funny, loving, and snuggly! I love them with all of my heart and soul! I have started a blog for my Rottweiler Zeus called Saving Zeus. He has a rare genetic disorder and we are trying to raise funds for the medical tests and treatment that he desperately needs. Also on my blog, I have funny stories and really cute photos of both of my boys. If you would like to help us save Zeus or would just like a laugh after reading a funny story, visit my page. Since I am just getting started on my blog, there will be many more stories to come so check back every once in a while! Thanks!

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