Taste Test

Dear Flash,

They tell me there is a product I can buy to put on the cat food that makes the cat poop taste bad so you will stop eating it.  I refuse to buy that product for a number of reasons.  First, it is poop.  By defintion it should taste bad.  Second, who tasted the poop before the product to decide it tasted good, then tasted it again after the product to determine it now tasted bad?  Third, if there is a product that will make poop taste worse, who would want to eat the food it was placed on?  I’m just sayin’.

Love, Nina


7 thoughts on “Taste Test

  1. Cats are so inefficient at processing their food that it actually seems like food to the dog. Two recommended fixes. Change Flash’s food to a “higher quality” to make sure he is getting all of the necessary nutrients, and prevent him from having access to the cat litter box. No amount of training will fix this. (or so I have been told)
    BTW, I love Flash.

      • Science Diet is a premium food, as I am sure you are aware. We have a Corgi and a Border Collie. We found that lamb based food works best. I suppose that efficient digestion of lamb might have been selected for. We settled on Acana Grassland. The dogs always had gastric distress. We even named the problem as Toxic Butt
        Syndrom ( aka TBS). We feared that the methane cloud produced might eliminate too much oxygen causing a silent death to anyone near by. 🙂 Anyway the lamb seemed to help.

  2. Depending on where the cat litter tray is, perhaps you could try a cabin hook on the door like we do for our ‘zone cat’… cat can access but dog can’t. In our case it is to stop the cat food bowl raids.

    We do have a litter tray, but the cats rarely poop in it because they have access outside.

    Sounds like you are feeding a premium dog food, so he should be getting all his nutrients, ….but then this is Flash we are talking about right?

    -Ambassador Schonheit’s Master

    • I thought about a baby gate to keep Flash out, but one of our cats is pretty arthritic, and can’t jump all that well. And I suspect Flash would just find another habit, like chewing on my shoes 🙂

  3. So glad to know that my Lucy is not the only dog with a taste for cat poop. (We solved the problem with a baby gate. The cat is too skittish to climb or jump it and it keeps Lucy at bay.)

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