King of All You Survey

Dear Flash,

Yessir, it sure is a big, bad world out there.  From your vantage point at the front door, you can see the sidewalk, the boxwoods, and the yard light.  Well, in theory you could see those things, except for the nosy prints that cover the bottom 6 inches of the window.  At any rate, that’s a lot of pressure, policing all of those things.  You’d better go lay down before you hurt yourself.

Love, Nina


2 thoughts on “King of All You Survey

  1. Dear Flash,

    Clearly you need to engage Nina with a bottle of Windex and some paper towels, after all we are talking about homeland security here.

    Ambassador Schonheit

    • Ambassador,

      Rest assured I have a plan if there are intruders. I’ll open the door for them, show them where all the valuables are, then lick them to death. Who needs homeland security?


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