Dear Flash,

One of my favorite things to do when I want to feel pampered is to go to the salon and have my hair done.  The way they massage my head as they wash my hair, the sweet smell of the products they use, the way they style my hair just so, so that I am prettier than at any other time gets me so excited I practically float as I’m leaving the shop.  Why, then, do you complain so every time I leave you at the groomer’s for a day?

Love, Nina

PS.  You look very handsome.  And you smell better.  Particularly after the cow pie incident.

Before. All butt feathers and cow pies

After. Deceptively innocent looking. Still the same Flash though.

As is customary, will not strike a pose for long before sneaking off.


10 thoughts on “Pampered

    • Ambassador,

      A wolf in sheep’s clothing, maybe.


      PS: Too late. The cat just told on me for being in the catbox. Jay kicked me out, but not before I got a couple of nuggets for dessert!

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