Time for a Limerick!

There once was a dog named Flash

Who was really a pain in my ash.

He chewed on my stuff

Until it was fluff

He even tried eating my cash.


He ate everything he could find

Food of all sizes and kinds!

It all tasted great

There was nothing to hate

And so grew and grew his behind.

He became so substantial in girth

That he actually tilted the earth.

It turned upside down

And shifted the towns

So Boise was more south than Perth.

And so comes the end of our tale

Of a dog who grew big as a whale.

The moral is this:

While food may be bliss,

Too much will tip more than just scales.








11 thoughts on “Time for a Limerick!

  1. So now we must answer in rhyme
    To honour a creature sublime
    His antics we know
    Are more than just show
    As we review his many crimes

    Cow pies may be stinky and yuck
    But to Flash they are lovely muck
    Apply to the face!
    Now he’s in disgrace!
    Nina takes one look and says duck!

    His weakness is crispy bacon
    A weapon oft’ used against’im
    It can draw him in
    From his latest sin
    Alas to late! Nina bathed’im!

    Ambasador Schonheit

  2. Since there seems to be quite the theme here
    I don’t want to kill the vibe, that’s clear.
    Your limerick is so cute and funny
    It’s made my insides feel all warm and sunny.
    I can always count on good ol’ Flash-a-roo
    To give me a chuckle when Nina writes of eating cat poo!

  3. Oh Yes, my dear people, you know that-it’s true
    Silly old Flash likes to eat fresh cat poo
    (which as EVERYONE knows is finger good lick’n)
    To him it tastes grand…
    Seasoned with litter tray sand
    Mmmm… yummy he says… I think that it tastes…
    …a bit like pork butt and Kentucky Fried Chicken!

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