Sherlock in the Garden of Eden

Dear Flash,

A good detective becomes astute at finding clues and determining their meaning.  I deduce, by the evidence at hand, that someone or something has been Up To No Good.  It appears as though the blanket has been absconded and the couch been jumped upon, and the culprit looks eerily similar to you.  Since you are also licking your chops in the photo, I am led to believe that you have been in Places You Shouldn’t Be eating Things Which Are Forbidden.  Perhaps I should have just called you Adam.

Love, Nina


14 thoughts on “Sherlock in the Garden of Eden

  1. Please, please, TM, find a way to keep him away from what my mother used to refer as Doggie Almond Roca. (this rendered a perfectly delicious candy completely uneditable to me) Everytime that dear Flash does this, my tummy flip flops and I feel sick. Squeamish, I know. I can’t help it. Staying away is not an option for me as I have become a little obsessed with dear, dear Flash. I think my favorite is the sneak attack and theft of your lime. Although the Tyrannosaurus Rex in the tulips was pretty good too. I luv me some Flash. (just not the litter box thing. Blech, yaach, phutti, caach…. Nooooo make it stop)

  2. I make my living working on the internet – particularly social media. I get approximately one zillion emails a day, respond, read, curate, create posts, updates, tweets, etc. etc. I am a social media consultant. But, I am also a Corgi owner and I have to say that the one email I receive that I always open is Dear Flash. Every installment makes me at least smile and many make me laugh out loud which is disturbing as I live with two corgis and a lab but no other humans! Thanks for all the laughs.

    • Thanks! Looking at the world through smart alec eyes keeps me sane some days, as my job as a social worker can bring me in contact with people in crisis regularly. It’s good to know Flash and his antics can make people smile!

  3. Dear Flash,

    You do realise that you have got that Mommy of yours wrapped around your little stumpy tail … right?

    Is there anything that you can’t get away with?

    Ambassador Schonheit

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