Potty Paws

Compliments of our guest correspondent Dippy the Cat.


Dear Dippy,

I cannot tell you how soothing I find it when you jump up on the couch with me to cuddle and purr.  I swear I can feel my blood pressure lowering, my stress dissipating, and a calming peace descend upon my body.  At least initially, until you start to knead and I realize your paws are wet.  Because buddy, despite my best efforts I still know where your “watering hole” is.


Love, Nina


4 thoughts on “Potty Paws

  1. Dippy is Flash’s “herd”. The two of them are always nuzzling and playing with each other. What the writer did not disclose was the jealous look on Flash’s face as she held Dippy.

    • Greetings, Ambassador,

      A cat’s gotta do what a cat’s gotta do.


      PS: As an added bonus, it drives Flash crazy when my brother Sticky and I do this, as he can’t reach the toilet and has no idea what is in there.

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