Con Perfection

Dear Flash,

In the past I have indicated that you are a con artist.  I now realize that assessment was not accurate or fair, nor did it honor the degree to which you have honed your skill.  Even though I fed you only an hour ago, you noticed that I made a care package full of cinnamon rolls, banana bread, pulled pork, and chips and salsa for Billy and managed to convince him that you were being starved.  Henceforth, you shall be known as an Artiste de Confidence.

Love, Nina




6 thoughts on “Con Perfection

  1. Little Miss Pudgy Paws wants details. “what he get?…what he get?….pulled pork? Was it pulled pork?…..I’ll bet it was the pulled pork roast! Three best words in the English language! PULLED PORK ROAST!…. Did he get cinnamon roll?….did he? Did he get cinnamon roll too? Sure he did….Awwwwh. Tell me about the cinnamon roll! Tell me, tell me, pweeseee. ”
    OH, MY! THE DROOL IS EVERYWHERE! What kinda dog drools like this? This is not normal.
    Rebecca & a soggy doggie, (eeuwwwh!)

    • Little Miss,

      Curses! Foiled again! All I got was a snout full of wonderful smells, while Billy got all the loot. And I had to smell the cinnamon rolls while they were baking too! Plus, they had the nerve to call it a “doggie bag”. Billy might be the new son-in-law, but he will quickly become the arch-nemesis if he keeps walking off with the sack full o food like that.


  2. “Nuffin? You got nuffin? We gots to do sumptin!
    I gots a plan…. There is some really good hoomuns in a place called
    ASPCA it is called.
    There they have a whole buncha hoomuns who prevent ‘ATE CRIMES’. ‘ATE
    CRIMES’ is when bad people keep Pulled Pork Roast away from Corgis
    simply cause they are Corgis. I know, it is unfathomable!
    And furmore, shouldn’t this new Billy Goat be on a newlywedded away
    trip? I think he suppose be gone. Maybe this hoomun have bad
    jujubies for Corgum. My
    super power Bat Dog ears are twitchen and turnin all over.
    This is an aggredious ‘ATE CRIME’. No worry, they will pay for this.
    We got um this time. There are photos! Stoopid hoomuns. And furmore
    to the last furmore, I have a
    thesaurus, and I am not ascarred to use it. JUSTICE TO THE CORGUM! LONG
    Never forget. Little Miss Pudgy Paws loves the Flash.

    • Thanks Misss Pudgy Paws! They had been somewhere Nina called a “honeymoon” (didn’t recognize it as food, so pretty much stopped listening), and Nina was all worried about whether or not they had been for “groceries” so she gave him the food. Got back at her though. Batted my cute little corgi eyes at her and gave her a bog love this morning, so she was all distracted as she left for work, and she hit the side mirror on the car against the garage door and busted it clean off! Jay spent half an hour sweeping up mirror pieces when HE got home, and teased Nina mercilessly for another half an hour when SHE got home. Now I’m sitting here all innocent-like waiting for my evening snack. (I know where they keep the ice cream.)


  3. Dear Flash
    I am sorry I called the hoomuns stoopid. (Fraid I got caught up in the rhetoric* and had visions of ‘sit ins’ where lots of people stay on the floor eatin munchies). The hoomuns can’t be too stoopid cause they gots all the fud. I was right about the ‘Ate Crimes’ though. It is when peepoles don’t give nummies for Corgum to nom. Otis told me all about nom nom**. Seems though, the best way to prevent ‘Ate Crimes’ is to use the POWER OF YOUR MIND by the Corgi stare. I learning all bout this stuff on dog blog. I learn it is bad to get sanctimonious .* U are way good cause u know where they keep the ice cream. And It is happy that the Billy guy in law won’t take all the jujubies. You must have very big, power, deep brown Corgi eye to make Nina crash into a wall. Tee hee hee, and they can’t really blame u cause you was sittin right there lookin all innocent. Corgi on!

    Little Miss Pudgy Paws, who will always love her Flash
    * Thesaurus make me smartest.
    ** nom : noun, verb, adjective, adverb, what ever the heck you want it to be. 1) nummies 2) to eat nummies 3) to describe nummies 4) to say how one eats nummies. Example: Flash nommed the nommy noms. Very descriptive* and versatile.*

  4. Dear Flash,

    It is interesting to note that only Billy was mentioned as being in need of the ‘care package’ does this mean that all the excitement of the recent nuptials has caused all the hope of home cooked food to be lost?

    I see there is a new post waiting over at mecookyummy… we will have to see what a week in Sandyago, and an abundance of places to eat out has done to the ‘skills’.

    Ambassador Schonheit

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