Who’s Evolved?

Dear Flash,

After careful consideration, I have decided against my better judgment to reveal one of the great mysteries of the universe to you and you alone.  They’re called “pliers”.  They are not the physical manifestation of God on Earth, but a simple tool you can pick up at the local Sears and Roebuck.  Easy to use if you have half a brain and opposable thumbs, for tedious tasks such as removing the remainder of the wing mirror on my car that I clipped on the garage door backing out yesterday.

Love, Nina

PS:  I know what you’re thinking.  The reason Jay had to use them to remove the mirror remains is that I don’t meet the “half a brain” requirement.  As evidenced by the fact that the remains of my wing mirror had to be surgically removed and I get to spend my day scouring the city for a replacement part.



6 thoughts on “Who’s Evolved?

  1. Dear Flash,

    I notice that Jay has not ‘liked’ this post yet…

    Does that mean that Nina is in big trouble? Makes a change for a change eh?

    Ambassador Schonheit

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