Separation Anxiety

Dear Flash,

Corgis are notorious for attaching themselves to a specific person, and focusing their affection and attention on them primarily.  It has been apparent since you were a puppy that I have been that person for you.  So naturally, I was a little concerned when I accepted a new position that would require frequent travel.  My fears seem unwarranted, though, and judging by your appearance as long as I leave the recliner and a beer you should be OK.

Love, Nina



5 thoughts on “Separation Anxiety

  1. Dear Flash,

    We German Shepherds are like that too… for me I love my mummy the best, and when she is home I follow her constantly around the house… if she gets up, I get up…

    Sometimes I wonder if my real name is ‘Matt!’… cos that is what I get called a lot!

    Amabssador Schonheit

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