Measure of a Dog

Dear Flash,

Standardized measures are an important part of any scientific process.  They are meant to level they playing field and provide neutrality so that the assessor cannot be swayed by mitigating factors, such as a cocked head or cute facial expression.  Try as you might, you will not convince the tape measure that your legs are more than 4″ long.

Love, Nina


6 thoughts on “Measure of a Dog

  1. Dear Flash,

    Now, as to the question of how long someone’s legs are; it depends entirely on which crazy mirror you are standing in front of at the fair-ground.

    Personally, I would avoid the one that makes you look shorter and fatter.
    Just sayin.

    Ambassador Schonheit

  2. Flash, sweetie, you know that I am quite enamored of you, but I have seen enough photos to suggest that you do not, in any miror, look like the Corgi drawn by Caramittte. To me, you look much BETTER. Your fluffy and sometimes innocent appearence belies an inner bad boy. And we all know how the girls feel about bad boys. So strut your stuff with confidence. Swagger on!
    Little Miss Pudgy Paws

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