Dear Nina

Dear Nina,

As people grow and age, it is customary for them to learn from their experiences.  It is typical for their insight, judgement, and problem-solving to improve over the years.  Hence, at age 12, one might think they are invincible and can leap a small creek or shimmy across it on the trunk of a fallen tree without difficulty.  By your age, however, most people realize that there are certain risks involved with such an activity, and as such would opt for a different plan.  You, apparently, are a slow learner.  They should put a warning lable on you!

Love, Flash

Nina’s clothes, laid out on the bathroom floor. That light spot on her pant leg was the only dry spot left. (Hehehe, She had to walk through the hotel that way.)

Where she was trying to get…

Where she got – 20 feet from the hotel, at the bottom of the ditch.


On The Road Again

Dear Flash,

You poor baby!  I’ve got the suitcases out again, and packed my “rolling office” for another trip.  By the look on your face one would think I’m abandoning you to a fate worse than death.  I have it on good authority, though, that when I’m gone you lay in my leather recliner and eat “bon bons” (that’s for you, Miss Pudgy Paws!) all day while I’m slaving away for 14 hours a day.  I don’t know how you tolerate such treatment!

Love, Nina

Master of the Universe


Dear Flash

At last, right before my very eyes, you seemed to be striking the proper tone.  Genuflecting, prepared finally to do my bidding.  I almost gave a sigh of relief.  Until I took in the bigger picture, ans saw who you have identified as the true Master of the household.  My enthusiasm wanes…



Two Timer!

Dear Flash,

Am I the last to know?  Oh, sure.  I saw the signs.  The way you look apprehensively at the door when you hear a car pull up.  The smell of hot dogs on your breath.  The evidence is everwhelming.  Yes, I’ve had my suspicions for a while, but now there is photographic evidence!  I must resign myself to the fact that there is another (much younger and cuter) woman in your life. (*sniff*)

Love, Nina

That’s My Story and I’m Stickin’ to It

Dear Flash,

Don’t worry, buddy.  I got yer back.  The official story is that there was a small child on fire on the floor near your bed, and you had to throw your body on said child to put out the flames.  Thus your awkward position is proof you are a hero.  No one need ever know you were so crapped out from playing with a cat toy that you passed out without even making it to your bed.

Love, Nina