Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

(WARNING!  Little Miss Pudgy Paws, you may want to avoid this one.  But it was too irresistable to pass up.)

Dear Flash,

Here I was, thinking you were reacting to the fact that I was going to work on a Friday.  It really tugged at my heart strings, how sad you looked when you saw me putting on my work shoes and not my river shoes.  I was touched.  Of course, that was before I came back into the house 15 seconds after I left to get my jacket, and caught you helping yourself to the litter box.

Love, Nina


9 thoughts on “Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

    • Ambassador,

      You can bet your sweet bippy that I hid under the bed until I heard the garage door shut and the car drive away. I’ve never even heard some of the words she was using before!

      Flash the Potty Mouth

  1. So Little Miss Pudgy Paws reads the considerate and flatteringly specific alert to sensitive content. Does she listen to the warning? No. Should she have listened? Definitely, YES.
    Dear, dear, Flash….. we are speechless. (note the use of the Royal we) Speechless

    • I have tried those kinds of things. Turns out my cats are old set in their ways, and they won’t use the box if it’s any system other than the box they have, with the same brand of litter. Sheesh, I have the weirdest animals! 🙂

      • But you don’t at all! Our two dogs adore cat poo and it’s a constant battle to keep them out of it. We’ve resorted to poo palaces with tops on and facing the opening towards a wall with only enough space for a cat to get in. It works!

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