Hopeful Tribute

Today’s Dear Flash courtesy of Flash’s “sister” Hope McCain.  Her work can also be found on Grammaniac and Me Cook Yummy One Day.

You act like you’re tough
but you can’t hurt a fly.
And that’s not a farce
’cause I’ve sure seen you try.

It’s funny, of course
when you snarl and bark
at the leaves that go
tumbling by in the park.

Your legs may be short
but you hold your head high
when you think there’s
a beast or a monster nearby.

You almost look bold
when your fur stands up straight
’til you lie down and throw up
the cat poop you ate.

Flash, you’re a wild one,
so fearless and brave–
an example of how
a true knight should behave.

But the second I find
that one spot on your belly,
your body goes limp
and your limbs turn to jelly.

And thus ends the act
of the guardian corgi
who traded a petting
for all of his glory.


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