Big Boy Toys

Dear Flash.

Boys will be boys. They love big toys, bright lights, power-laden , testosterone-filled, noise-producing bits of unnecessary roughness.  Hence you and Jay identified an opportunity to re-wire an old traffic light and install it in the garage in a “man” attempt to prevent me from smacking into the garage door again with my car.

I can almost hear the grunting from here.

Love, Nina


8 thoughts on “Big Boy Toys

  1. Dear Flash,

    That looks like a similar system as the one they have at the car wash…

    Green – Drive Forwards (slowly… and straight… did I mention STRAIGHT?)
    Red – STOP! (Cease forward motion!)
    Amber – OMG BACK UP…! What part of STOP were you having trouble with?

    *Please fold wing mirrors in before attempting to use carwash…

    Ambassador Schonheit

    PS: Jay is allowed to bring that kind of stuff into the living room?

    • Ambassador,

      In other Boise news, the car wash down the street reported their traffic control system stolen.


      PS: This is what happens when Nina works late too many days in a row.

  2. Poor Nina. It appears as if your family might be having a litte too much fun with this. Perhaps you and Flash should conspire for some reciprocal action. Flash will, I am sure, be adept at creating situations to nettle and perturbe.
    Corgi on! Corgi ho!

    • Sad fact: I am the only girl in a house full of boys (Jay, Flash, and the cats, Dippy and Sticky). I have to get my revenge on my own, usually by going to the mall to buy more shoes.

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