That’s My Story and I’m Stickin’ to It

Dear Flash,

Don’t worry, buddy.  I got yer back.  The official story is that there was a small child on fire on the floor near your bed, and you had to throw your body on said child to put out the flames.  Thus your awkward position is proof you are a hero.  No one need ever know you were so crapped out from playing with a cat toy that you passed out without even making it to your bed.

Love, Nina


12 thoughts on “That’s My Story and I’m Stickin’ to It

  1. Hey Flash! She is telling everyone about your unfortunate problem with, you know…cat ticklers. It is mortifying! I thought you were going to go to rehab. Now it’s too late. Everyone, (yes, EVERYONE) knows now. Flash, this is pretty
    tragic. Don’t you have something on her that you could have used to save your rep? Man, your street cred is in the deepest pot hole. Hang in there. Perhaps George and Tess, or Molly, or Otis, or Ventus will do something really stupid and take the pressure off of you. Otis can be a real doofus and Ventus is still a puppy. He should be good for some of the standards. I don’t think that they have shown him barking in fear as he sees himself in a mirror. I know! Perhaps Ty will fall off of the darn Roomba? That might help save you. I don’t know, Flash, you are in deep here. I’ll stand by ya as long as I can.
    Your acquaintance, LMPP

  2. Flash, Flash, Flash… I have said this before and I will say it again…

    …the sanctity of the interwebs is paramount! Your deepest darkest secrets are safe with us.


    Ambassador Schonheit

    • Ambassador,

      My only hope is that she becomes so busy with other activities this fall that she leaves me out of it. She starts playing bells again tonight, so I might catch a break. At least until after Christmas.


  3. Ambassador, while I agree that, this time, the photos weren’t as incriminating; Nina threw him under the bus. I don’t see a re-tweet counter. We have no idea how far this has gotten. His only hope is for Evie to bite Ty and push him off of that darn Roomba, (all while somebody had their phone camera taking video). Oh, who am I kidding?…………Wait, do you think that Laurie E. keeps ‘special’ files for sale? She is perfectly positioned. How much money is available? There must be a slush fund……….(too be continued……….)
    Ellipsis unending…………..

      • Darn, darn, darn… You just can’t catch a break on this. Get plenty of video of this ‘Bells’ thing. Hang in there, Dude. Perhaps I panicked in the dark hours of the night? We can hope…
        That Ambassador dog, I think you got a good pal there. (But don’t let down your guard. The world can be one twisted dog park.)
        LMPP, (still a little twitchy after the events of today)

        • LMPP,

          A video of the “bells” from last Christmas is in Nina’s twit feed, in the margin. The lighting is less than ideal (amateurs), but unfortunately the playing is pretty good. They are even part of a movie soundtrack for a movie next year! Plus, Nina has no shame, so is pretty hard to embarrass. Curses!


    • Yeah, I noticed that. But time is relative, & the current blog clock is closer to Flash’s daily routine so I just decided to go with it. That’s my fancy way of saying I don’t know how 😉

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