Music to My Ears

Dear Flash,

I realize it’s called a subwoofer.  But that does not mean it’s OK to lay under it and bark.

Love, Nina


2 thoughts on “Music to My Ears

  1. Dear Flash,

    Well… we do know that there are certain whales that sing ‘songs’ which act as mating calls and some of these have very loud, very low frequency calls that can travel across entire oceans.

    Now; how this might corelate to a small, yet solid ‘whale like’ short legged dog, lying next to a sub-woofer and perhaps hoping to somehow emulate a whale’s ultra low frequency ‘call of the depths’, to lure a mate across thousands of miles of ocean is at this point rather intriguing.

    After all I am given to understand you no longer posess the necessary equipment.
    Just sayin.

    Ambassador Schonheit

    • Ambassador,

      You are sooooooo close. I am hoping to lure Billy and Hope through the front door. Because although I lack my boy bits, I will surely get some lovin’ anyway. Even if I have to steal it. Plus, I might get a treat!


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