Two Timer!

Dear Flash,

Am I the last to know?  Oh, sure.  I saw the signs.  The way you look apprehensively at the door when you hear a car pull up.  The smell of hot dogs on your breath.  The evidence is everwhelming.  Yes, I’ve had my suspicions for a while, but now there is photographic evidence!  I must resign myself to the fact that there is another (much younger and cuter) woman in your life. (*sniff*)

Love, Nina


8 thoughts on “Two Timer!

  1. LMPP thought that this was hilarious, (*giggle, giggle, snort, snort*) Right up until she got to the part where potato replaces bacon. At the news, she fell off of her chair from shock and horror. You know what they say, “It is all fun and games until someone looses their bacon”.

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