Dear Nina

Dear Nina,

As people grow and age, it is customary for them to learn from their experiences.  It is typical for their insight, judgement, and problem-solving to improve over the years.  Hence, at age 12, one might think they are invincible and can leap a small creek or shimmy across it on the trunk of a fallen tree without difficulty.  By your age, however, most people realize that there are certain risks involved with such an activity, and as such would opt for a different plan.  You, apparently, are a slow learner.  They should put a warning lable on you!

Love, Flash

Nina’s clothes, laid out on the bathroom floor. That light spot on her pant leg was the only dry spot left. (Hehehe, She had to walk through the hotel that way.)

Where she was trying to get…

Where she got – 20 feet from the hotel, at the bottom of the ditch.


6 thoughts on “Dear Nina

  1. Brings back memories, of when we were in Malasyia a few years ago, and I got caught out in a tropical downpour, walking back to the hotel…
    …got totally and utterly drenched. I just kept walking at normal speed, and decided it was part of the ‘cultural experence’. When I returned to the hotel, trapising across the hotel lobby, leaving puddles of water in my wake, the hotel staff did not even bat an eyelid. I suspect it was not the first time it had happened.

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