Told Ya So!

Dear Flash,

You thought you were all that and a bag of chips, didn’t you?  Sneaking away from Jay and me as we were walking by the river, scurrying under the barbed wire fence and rolling in something smelly.  It seems as though I have been warning you forever that no good would come of this addiction.  Unfortunately for you, that was catnip you were rolling in, buddy.  And since you have such an aversion to baths, I will be unable to wash the smell off your rump.  Therefore, for the foreseeable future, you will be at the mercy of the alpha male of the house.

Love, Nina


2 thoughts on “Told Ya So!

    • This is the only picture where you could distinctly see the cat. In most of them, his head is buried in the dog’s hindquarters. Hours of entertainment, especially after the catnip took effect and the claws came out.

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