Out of Your League

Dear Flash,

I have it on good authority that poodles are an intelligent, athletic, noble breed who have been the national dog of France for centuries. You, sir, are a corgi – a short, fat, heavy-boned bunny-butted sheep herder. As fine as a she-poodle might seem to you, the fabric one on my skirt is about as close as you are likely to get.

Love, Nina



8 thoughts on “Out of Your League

    • Thanks! My mom made it for me a few years ago, and I wore it for my Halloween cosutme this year. I had to get the shoes from the internet, but they are really comfy. I need some poodle socks to wear with them, though.

  1. Male Corgis are in a word incorrigible…..but I love our boy! Great place you have here and thanks for stopping by mine. If you had not I would have never found yours and corgi people need to stick together…otherwise our Corgis will try to rule the world! Scary……

    • Mine already does think he rules the world. In a funny, friendly kind of way. With lots of bacon for everybody. We people do need to stick together in light of such devious tactics!

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