Lucky Dog

Dear Flash,

Almost 400 years ago, a group of disenfranchised people paused on a beautiful fall day to reflect on their gratitude for the simple things: plentiful rainfall, a good harvest, and the generosity of welcoming hosts in a foreign land.  They were Pilgrims in the truest sense, and their celebration became a moment preserved for the ages.  Over time, the legend of their trials has become larger than life.  But at its very core, this holiday still finds its roots in the glory that comes from putting aside differences in favor of searching for what binds us together and makes us stronger as a whole.  I am thankful today for a loving family, loyal friends, a reason to smile.  And I am thankful, my friend, for you.

Love, Nina


8 thoughts on “Lucky Dog

      • Oh my goodness. Bad for poor Flash, but terrible bad for the family. With three dogs we have had to create a pretty hefty line in the budget for vet care. My mother would have been horrified to see how much money goes to the dogs. Both of my parents were born in 1925. They had a lot of trouble getting used to the disposable lifestyle. They had a great love for their dogs but vaccinations and neutering were the extent of reasonable expenses. I will never forget how confusing she found it when the neighbor provided chemotherapy to her Schnauzer.

        • Lesson learned. Thank goodness Flash has pet insurance, so all routine things (teeth cleaning, labs, vet visits, vaccinations) are free. It’s just when he gets sick and requires medications or IV’s that we have to pay, and then we get a 20% discount. Most people should be so lucky to have such insurance 🙂

          • We also have ‘insurance’ through Banfield Veterinary. They operate the program in conjunction with PetsSmart here. They claim that it is not strictly an insurance program. All that I am sure about it is that the premiums for three dogs hovers near $150/mo. And that every time we need an X-ray, it is of some body part that for some reason is not covered. My daughter tells me that it is a good thing to have. That I do not completely understand, makes me feel old. I can see that with a little guy like Flash, it might make more sense. Ya never know what strange notions he might get, or what trouble he could get into. And this is because he is the beloved, ‘Dear Flash’.
            Rebecca & LMPP

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