The Games People Play

Dear Flash,

I noticed you tried to join in when I was putting my craft supplies away and the cat started chasing the tape measure.  Now you know how I feel about pinochle.  It looks fun, and the people playing it always seem to be having a good time.  But when I sit in, I find that I don’t really understand the appeal at all.

Love, Nina


2 thoughts on “The Games People Play

    • Ambassador.

      And ya shake it all about. That’s the part where my rumbly fatty bits take on a life of their own and start to knock the “breakables” over. Who would have thought she cared so much about a teapot? And how does it pertain that it made it all the way from Ireland on a boat inact, only to break into a hundred pieces when “bulldozed by a rambunctious corgi”?


      PS: That’s how I earned my nicname “Flash Dammit.”

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