Rho rho



Dear Flash,

I imagine, in your mind’s eye, that this is a completely justifiable outcome.  The household must have been in imminent danger for you to behave in such a careless manner for the ornament to drop from the tree and shatter on the floor.  You know, like a cat sitting on the window sill looking out at the birds, and needing to be chased back to his bed.  Then again, judging by the pose you were striking as I was trying to clean this up, I imagine you would prefer I think this had nothing whatsoever to do with you.

Love, Nina




15 thoughts on “Rho rho

    • Innocent, psssshhh! Did I mention I can no longer grow tomato plants in the backyard because SOMEONE thinks they are ball trees. And just when I’m ready to harvest, the tomatoes are all laying on the patio with teeth marks in them. And that little tail is wagging about a hundred miles an hour.

    • The deal was, if I got to have two cats, my husband got to name them. At the time, he said all cats were dipsticks, so they got named Dippy and Sticky (brothers). I got them for free from this guy standing outside a Wal-Mart in a wife-beater t-shirt. He hadn’t had a bath or a shave in a while, but at least he was smoking a cigarette. On a side note, Dippy became my husband’s constant companion during his battle with cancer last year, so his outlook on cats has completely changed!

      • My dad was also a fellow cat-hater until a stray jumped into my mother’s arms (literally) and adopted them. So glad you rescued those kitties from the dirty, hairy, wife-beater.
        And I LOVE their names!

  1. Dear Flash,

    My apologies for being a little remiss in my replies lately, I have been lurking I assure you.

    Now as for that tree thing… well you know what they say…

    It is better to beg for forgiveness, than to ask permission in the first place.

    If all else fails, yeah just go with the wag your stumpy tail, and give ’em the look. That will get them every time!

    Ambassador Schonheit

    • Ambassador,

      Good to hear from you. No apologies necessary.

      The tail gets her every time. I am told it is impossible to stay angry at a wagging tail, and I take full advantage of this knowledge.


      PS: What is this “permission” of which you speak?

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