I Won’t Go to Jail for You

(or, How I Came to Call Jay at Dialysis for Bail Money)

Dear Flash,

Gawd A-mighty, boy. I can’t take you anywhere.

Sure, the walk started out fine. But I should have known the minute we were approached by the game warden no good would come of it. Oh sure, at first you seemed friendly enough. You lured the officer in with your little corgi grin, and let him scratch your back. I was a little embarrassed that you shed on him like you did (note to self: make an appointment at the groomer’s). But I had no idea what was coming next. My friend, everybody on God’s Green Earth except for you knows that you don’t, under any circumstances, pee on a law enforcement officer.

Have fun in jail.

Love, Nina

PS. Sorry, Occifer. I was so mortified I cut your head off with my finger when I took the photo.



6 thoughts on “I Won’t Go to Jail for You

    • He did. He told me his partner was the one who usually peed on his pant leg at work. His partner (also present) threatened Flash with a ticket. I threatened to give him Flash 🙂

  1. He must have stood still too long in a fire hydrant-like fashion. Don’t worry, Flash. My dog pee’d on two of my neighbours. It was his way of getting them to stop talking. He had places to go and things to do, after all.

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