Always After Me Lucky Charms

Dear Flash,

Did I ever tell you about my friend Jim (may he rest in peace)?

Jim was born and raised in Ireland, and a cute hoor to boot. What a character! If bullshit was music, he’d be a ceili band. Oh, he lived the life of Rielly! With a twinkle in his eye and a quick wink, he could charm the socks right off you.

One day, though, Jim was completely banjanxed. I mean as ignorant as a sack of arses. Completely loopers! He was brickin’ it, bejaspers, stripped right down to his cacks and blathering on about the leprechauns. Never one to let a leprechaun escape, I decided to B.L.O and have a dekko. It was then, in the cupboard, that I discovered a quare thing indeed: he was flamin’ elephants! There be a magnum of Jameson’s Irish Whiskey, with only an inch left in the bottom.

I tell this story today only because one of these two things must be true: either I have had too much of the Irish, or you have been frolicking in the freshly mown grass. Now which is it?

Love, Nina



6 thoughts on “Always After Me Lucky Charms

  1. Dear Flash
    Now, I know that because your legs are only 4″ long, the question must be asked… along with your paws, did your under-carriage turn green as well?
    Ambassador Schonheit

    • Hi Ambassador,

      Not this time. But if Mom goes too long without mowing, my under-carriage and the whole of my neck turn green. Once, the grass got so long even my fairy saddle the back of my neck turned green.

      Now that was a good time, right there.


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