Fart in a Skillet

O Flash the mighty, Flash the brave

Your flatulence I wish you’d save

For another time, another place

So’s not to waft into my face.

I’ll be polite and call the smell

Skunk within the bowels of hell.

Your butt cheeks flap when you pass gas,

I think the odor has a mass.

Did something crawl in there and die?

It brings a tear into my eye.

The paint is melting from the wall

The floor caught fire in the hall

The cat passed out, the houseplants died.

The haz-mat team has just arrived.

The EPA imposed a fine

For cutting cheese without the wine.

You are such a goofy mutt-

I just saw you lick your butt!



8 thoughts on “Fart in a Skillet

    • I tried, but there is not enough oxygen in the air here for me to take a deep enough breath for such a long sentence. And there is not enough Gas-X in the world to fix what goes on around here.

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