Sour Puss

Dear Flash,

You, my dear friend, are one of the most indiscriminate beings I know when it comes to things you are willing to put in your mouth. Amongst the things I have seen you eat lo these many years: used gum laying in the gutter, fish guts, and at least three kinds of poop. I have seen you lick your butt, cat butts, dirty mud puddles, and the bottom of the barbecue. You clearly covet the trash can and all the glorious mysteries within. So why is it, then, that you react with such aversion when presented with a bright, fresh, delicious lemon?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Love, Nina



5 thoughts on “Sour Puss

  1. In your defense, cat poop likely still bears a hint of what said feline has recently ingested–a melange of tuna, chicken livers, and kitty treats. All very yummy. Lemons, however, cause even the bravest of humans to make strange–and not at all pleasant–faces. Flash, you are not weird. Your human is. Lemons suck and you are not missing a thing.

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