Mini Me

Dear Flash,

Mysteries abound.

At first I thought somehow the little procedure you had to remove you from the gene pool had failed. My brain fused as it tried to cope with the possibility of twice the amount of cat poop being strewn throughout the house, twice the number of nose-to-butt violations daily, and twice the amount of def-con one volume barking to alert us to the invasion of the squirrels. Then I realized the small one was waaaaaaay too well-behaved to be real. Crisis averted.

I gave it away just to be safe.

Love, Nina




6 thoughts on “Mini Me

    • Hello Winston,

      Of course you know, I love both of my grandkitties equally. I’m sure, however, the next time you and The Other Cat come for a sleepover, Flash will be more than willing to take him off your hands.


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